Associations Consultant & Congress Manager with more than 20 years of experience

Consultation: I support associations in increasing their relevancy, managing their congress in-house, building community, refocusing their products (congress, membership and education) around the association goals, attracting support from industry and long-term planning of their finances and operations.

In-house congress management: For associations that wish to explore organizing their congress in house or need to add expertise to their team, I provide full congress operation services as part of your team and in full transparency.


About Me


During my more than 20 years of experience in the congress and Medical Association field, I have consulted over 60 associations and have managed more than 170 association congresses.


Following my last position at Kenes International, as the Managing Director of Kenes UK, I have decided to support medical associations that wish to organise their congresses in-house. 

For the past six years, I have worked as Medical Associations Consultant and Congress Manager with some of the largest medical associations in Europe, such as the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), the European Academy of Neurology (EAN), the European Pain Federation (EFIC), and the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS).


Both as a Consultant and a Congress Manager, I support medical associations in increasing their relevancy, managing their congress in-house, building their community, refocusing around the association vision and long-term planning of their finances and operations. My goal is to empower the association executives and team with the tools, the knowledge and a wider perspective of the ''market''.


My expertise: 

  • Comprehensive understanding of medical association challenges including regulations, legislation, compliance, financial planning and risk management

  • Aligning financial strategy and operations structure with Associations’ vision and goals

  • Extensive experience in working and managing multiple operations, including sponsorship, exhibition, production and technical operation, marketing, scientific programme, tourism, accommodation and procurement

  • Strong financial and operational knowledge

  • Extensive worldwide network of contacts 

  • Creating community



When considering expanding activities of your association or increasing your members’ loyalty or even taking your congress management in-house, you need to foresee possible risks and you need to have the knowledge that you can build on. 


For the past years, I have been consulting some of the largest European medical associations in growing their membership and increasing profitability while establishing and maintaining their position as the number one resource for their members’ professional education and career development. I have seen these associations steadily increasing their relevancy, managing their congress in-house, building their community, refocusing around their association vision and long-term planning of their finances and operation.


I am here to help you with your seamless transition and ensure the continuity of your growing. Together we will make the right decisions, plan the successful transition and build your in-house knowledge.


Making the right decision

  • Study benefits and gain vs. challenges and risks 

  • Consider potential cost reduction and profit increase

  • Identify effects on sponsorship and contributors

  • Build financial model for the transition process 


Planning the transition 

  • Recommend transition phases, including a detailed timeline 

  • Decide what should be brought in-house and what should be continued outsourced 

  • Generate transition plan detailing all critical information and data

  • Propose team structure

  • Assess required tools, techniques and methodologies


Building the in-house knowledge

  • Create in-house team 

  • Develop In-house infrastructure

  • Acquire in-house know-how knowledge

  • Train and optimize manpower and resources 

  • Write congress manual for the congress team


In-House Congress Management

Some medical associations prefer to move their congress management in-house in a short transition period and I support them in building their in-house knowledge. 
However, many other medical associations want a more gradual and planned transition. I work with these associations as a transitional congress manager to make sure that they are ready to take a gradual full ownership of their congress.


I provide full congress operation services that associations are not yet ready to execute themselves. I often work with a small dedicated team of experts specialised in scientific program, industry & sponsorship and marketing, each with vast years of experience with medical association congresses. We introduce a modular congress team model by bringing in-house our expertise, knowledge and experience to make sure the transition and execution is flawless until the associations’ own team is fully ready. As a dedicated in-house staff, we fill the gaps in the congress team’s expertise, and we put the needs and requirements of your associations ahead. We will bring you from A to B in your independence ensuring full transparency by leaving all congress finances and contracts controlled by you. The ownership and decision-making will remain with you. We do all the support as the in-house team of the association, not as an external entity. You will have the full oversight on your growth, and you will be able to better focus on strengthening your added value to your community.


Our support includes

  • Congress management

  • Congress operations

  • Budget management with analysis of income sources and finding ways for increased profit

  • Negotiations with all suppliers

  • Contracting with venues

  • Scientific program management

  • Faculty relations management

  • Sponsorship and exhibition sales management

  • Sponsors loyalty plan

  • Promotion

  • Increasing relevancy toward members, sponsors and participants

  • Increasing the value of the association membership to the community


I have managed in-house the congresses of some of the largest associations in Europe such as the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), the European Academy of Neurology (EAN), the European Pain Federation (EFIC), and the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS).




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Inbar has supported our association in the transition to organizing our congresses in-house through training of the team, developing our congress manual and contributing to the Association Code of Ethics. Inbar is highly experienced and has the ability to support associations through the complex and sensitive process of transitioning into in-house congress management.

Grégoire Pavillon
Executive Director & Governing Board Member, EASLThe Home of Hepatology

President Elect of the AC Forum

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Ms. Caspi has a lot of knowledge and experience and a strong financial and operational expertise, she understands the association's challenges, has a wide view of the associations' world. She is a strategic thinker and always plans a few steps ahead. 
Based on our mutual work, I fully recommend her services.

Anja Sander
Executive Director, EAN, European Academy of Neurology

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